My services
If you have an upcoming event or plan one in the future, I'd be happy to discuss an opportunity to sing for you and your guests. I sing originals and covers of various times and genres. I have performed at many public and private events such as music festivals, senior centers, restaurants and bars, farmers' markets, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events, and other celebrations.
I write songs, sing, and play musical instruments, and a live performance is an excellent chance to combine all three and share with others. That is my favorite thing in music - singing for people and being close to them to feel each others' vibes.
Live Performances
View & choose songs for your event here
My Live Shows
Provide brief details about your event. Please also include any specific songs that are not on my list but you wish they were. I'll do my best to prepare some of them too.
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Vocals recording
If you already have lyrics, I'll help you create a nice melody for it and an acoustic accompaniment. If you have music, I'd be happy to help out with words.
My specialty is singing. I've been in the music industry for over 10 years. I sing for a local acapella group in Oregon, perform live and on my YouTube channel. I sing both kids' and adults' songs.
I have written over 100 songs for myself and someone else's projects and will be happy to work with you!
I have written songs for
YouTube channels
group classes
school projects
YouTube channels
Group classes
School projects
I have written songs for
LYRICS writing
I will write LYRICS based on your ideas and preferences,

The turnaround time is three days.
MELODY writing
I will write LYRICS based on your ideas and preferences and turn it into a song by creating a MELODY. You just let me know the desired length, tempo, and style. You will get a vocal guide for the melody.

The turnaround time is three days.
I will write LYRICS based on your ideas and preferences and turn it into a song by creating a MELODY. Then I will add 1 INSTRUMENT, a piano, or a guitar for a great acoustic feel. You will get an acoustic song in an HQ format.

The turnaround time is five days.

COPYRIGHT: FREE (I'll appreciate it if you credit me as Irina Myachkin in your video or in the description).
Song translations
I'd love to help you create a translation meeting your specific needs.
I am a native Russian, living in the US for 10 years with a deep understanding of both cultures' languages. A Master's Degree in English Specialty, Foreign Language, and Literature Department.
I am an active singer-songwriter, with my own YouTube channel, and regular live performances. I write songs in both languages & can translate yours. Translation from RU to EN and vice versa is available.
Every translation is triple-checked to provide the best quality
correct grammar and suitable vocabulary
no Google translation
localization (covers both linguistic and cultural adaptation)
prior research on the topic to make sure the translation is accurate and polished
Your feedback is important!
Please review your experience of working with me. It's always valuable to me and other people. Please indicate what type of event or service you had. Thank you!