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New Release: Stolen Car

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Stolen Car is my last single released in 2021. Its story is based on the real-life situation that happened to me at the end of last year. My car got stolen in November and the state of insecurity evoked a whole spectrum of emotions and life observations.

Stolen Car | Official Video

The car has been found in 3 weeks, considered a total loss & paid off to us. So it has a happy end, but while it was all in progress, I felt very emotional and as a result, I've written and released the song Stolen Car which is now available on all music platforms. 

Stolen Car | Lyric Video

Song Details:
Song Arrangement:
Vlad Orlov -

Video idea, capture & editing:
Vlad - Instagram & Website
Alexander - Instagram

Live Video Shooting & Editing:
Zhenya - Instagram 

Stolen Car | live at the New Year's Party at the Garages Satellite Bar in Beaverton, OR

Now that chapter of my life is positively closed. Thank you for staying in touch with me!