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i will survive 

Another home concert took place in Pleasant Hill, CA. Me and Rick Ferguson (piano) performed Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" as our encore song:) 

I Will Survive! - дуэт с пианино

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Ukrainian traditional song

Red Rutah 

Red Rutah is a type of a flower, and it is yellow year around. This traditional Ukrainian song is based on a legend about this flower, which turns Red only once in summer, for a single night. And lucky will be the girl who picks this flower when it's red, then she'll be able to charm any man she wants. So, the man singing this song is telling her, don't look for this flower in the evenings, since I am already in love with you, you are the only one for me, your beauty is like a pure water coming down from blue mountains:))

This video recording is taken from a Russian home concert in Dublin, CA. They are held monthly and always have a warm, friendly atmosphere. The next Home concert with me doing vocals and Rick Ferguson on the piano is going to be on December 16 in Pleasant Hill, CA -Come check it out and dive into the Russian Community:)) - details 

Червона Рута - душевная Украинская песня:))

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Love story

 Rick Ferguson (piano) and I (vocals) performed at an annual Russian festival "Poluostrov", held at American River Resort, Coloma, CA each fall. You can also hear our duet live at Angelica's restaurant and bar in Redwood City. See the schedule here

Love Story c Русского Фестиваля "Полуостров"

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Russian contemporary song "Kuriu" 

"Kuriu" is a contemporary song by Elena Vaenga. Kuriu means Smoking. The lady is talking to her lover and her mom throughout the song - "Mama, I am standing alone again and smoking again, and there is only silence around" 

Домашний концерт - И снова Курю... ))

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"unbreak my heart!" at a Home concert 
Unbreak My Heart - cover of Toni Braxton

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Dance me to the end of love by leonard cohen

At Home Art Cafe "White Nights" (June, 2017)

I played for the first time at a home party held monthly to showcase local musicians. There was mainly Russian audience, but I guess all of them like this beautiful song written by Leonard Cohen. An interesting fact about this song is that it sounds like a typical love song, but Leonard was inspired to write it by the events of Holocaust, when a music band had to keep playing no matter what was going on around, and give hope to themselves and their friends who suffered and didn't even know if they were going to live tomorrow. My favorite version is by the Civil Wars. 

Домашний концерт - Dance Me To The End Of Love

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Cover of "Summer wine" of Lee Hazelwood&Nancy sinatra 

I play at Relay For Life Events held annualy to support all people who suffered from cancer. This time it was held at a beautiful Cuesta Park, Mountain View, CA in June, 2017. 

I love this great song so much! Here is a little piece of it! 

Летнее Вино - Summer Wine

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chinese song "The moon represents my heart" by teresa teng

This is my cover of the Chinese song "The Moon Represents My Heart" by Teresa Teng. I learnt it by request of the residents of one of the Retirement Homes, where I usually play.

Песня на Китайском - "The Moon Represents My Heart" by Teresa Teng

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Fall (OSen')

This is my original song in Russian. The title means Fall, and it describes a story about a woman who is still waiting for Him, but he does not come, because the Pride is not a friend to Love. It all happens in Fall, and Fall is personified. It watches the woman waiting and suffering, and the Fall comforts her with rains. The way the woman is losing her man is compared to the Fall losing its leaves.

Осень .. О! Как много в осени тепла...

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Don't forget to turn me on!

This song was written in 2015. At first I gave it another name, which was 'Robot Mistress'. But later it has been changed to a more interesting one which does not leave the listeners half-hearted - Don't Forget To Turn Me On. I really love this song. Enjoy!

Мой первый клип :)) Don't Forget to Turn Me On Irina Myachkin1080p

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one of my first original music videos

I Think I Need Another Man

That's one of my newest original songs, written in 2016. It has not been produced yet, but I'm looking forward to creating a produced version as soon as possible. 

Мне нужен другой! Irina Myachkin I Think I Need Another Man 1080p

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The rose by bette midler

This was my show at Sunnyside Gardens, a retirement home in Sunnyvale. Enjoy this beautiful song! 

The Rose - Bette Midler (cover)

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Hotel California by eagles

As you might already know, I own a YouTube video channel, where sometimes I post video lessons for Russian audience on how to play some specific songs. The Hotel California turned out ot be a very popular video of mine among Russians, and got lots of feedback. 

At the very beginning of it, I play and sing a part of the song, so everyone can listen not only Russians. 

Отель Калифорния (легкий разбор для гитары) Hotel California

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A song in Russian at a Retirement Home in Sunnyvale 

This song means - we are to banks of one river, pretty close but always apart....

Два Берега Рада Рай кавер

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Tears in heaven (eric clapton)
Tears In Heaven (cover)

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The song Besame Mucho was originally written in Spanish. Meaning - Kiss me a lot, since may be it's our last night! 

Besame Mucho - Бэсамэ Мучо

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My show at Little Lou's BBQ in Campbell, CA. July 2016
Irina Myachkin - Wish You Were Here at Little Lou's BBQ

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